Since 1984, TEAT is the benchmark for the companies that need to convey semi-processed materials, in liquid, semi-liquid or gaseous state, holding a uniform temperature.


TEAT designs and manufactures electrically heated hoses for conveying of liquids and gas, with constant holding of temperature. Operating temperatures range from 86 to 482°F (30...250°C), special version up to 662°F (350°C).

Several nominal diameters of internat hose can accomplish any delivery.
The wide range of screw fittings and electrical connectors meet any technical and productive demand.

Operating temperatures range from 86 to 482°F (30...250°C), special version up to 662°F (350°C).

Operating pressure range from 0 to 265 bar, special versions up to 345 bar.



In W, WD, WHP, WFA and W/FLEX versions the inner hose is made of extruded sintered polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE - DUPONT© original with powder 62N), an 18/8 AISI 304 stainless steel braid outer sheath ensures protection and high resistance to working pressures.

In W, WD and WHP versions the inner hose is smooth, while in WFA and W/ FLEX versions is corrugated. WFA and W/FLEX corrugated versions are recommended for all those applications that require great flexibility and simple handling, combined with easy cleaning.

The INOX version is based on a flexible stainless austhenitic steel hose with parallel ondulation, without gaskets and seam, which guarantees perfect tight of pressure and also very high flexibility.
A sensor, inserted in the inner part, detects the temperature of the material and allows an external device to control the heating element to hold the temperature constant.
The end fittings are applied by means of a special process of cold deformation (pressing) which garantees a perfect tightness even at very high pressure.
The end covers and the polyamide sheath assure optimal mechanical strength, indispensable for manual application or hose movement.

The manufacturing of the heating hoses satisfies internal and external controls. The production is entirely tested.



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TEAT makes customized and tailor-made solutions for the client. From one single product up to series production, TEAT combines hi-tech with utmost care for details.

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